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PP91 Enterprises Incorporated...

is a company committed to sustainability green technology that consists of a team of IT engineers, green technology specialists, web designers and developer professionals providing comprehensive services to clients seeking advice and assistance.

PP91 Enterprises Inc, was established in United States in 2006 by Patrick Mileon. Our primary goal is to help our customers save time, energy and money in all of their IT needs. PP91 partners with EPEAT – Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and RPN – Responsible Purchasing Network to be able to provide to our customers and our client with the best green technologies and at the same time use the best value system.

PP91 Enterprises Inc, provides an array of services with regard to IT Technology Consulting, Green Technology Services, Application Services, Systems Integration, Product Engineering, Custom Software Development, Maintenance, Re-Engineering, IT Infrastructure Services, Digital Document Solutions, Communication Services and Business Process Outsourcing. We also offer Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), project management, and consulting services.

Since the beginning PP91 has undertaken many large scale and technically challenging projects, completing them successfully, thanks to the dedication, enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism demonstrated by its personnel.

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IT Installation Services

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PP91 Enterprises Inc. Partners with Network Solution to provide a wide range of FREE web address features that can help your business compete online.


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What is virtualization? A virtual machine is simply a fully functioning computer where you can install an operating system of your choice, with network configuration and a full suite of software.

The catch is the operating system is virtual and resides an existing server/computer. These types of configurations allow you to save money, consolidate servers and maximize your utilization.




Meet the Needs

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund
100% of funds raised goes to the relief operation!

Schooling Project
Schooling for about 150 Children in St. Michel De L'attalaye, Spent about $8000.00 Dollars to pay for private school for all 35 Children, Provide them School Supplies, uniform and extra money to parent to provide them at least a meal in the morning before School and continuous sending money to Haiti for day to day expenses, we have 5 Volunteers Providing Help to the children. Thanks to our many generous partners who sponsor children.

Christmas Gift 2007
Provide Christmas Gifts to about 35 Children and $600.00 Dollars Gift to each children.

Cover up Clothes Project 2009
Currently Collecting Clothes and Shoes From Friend and Family to send to Haiti to distribute to Children in need of Clothes and Shoes.

Future Projects:

Project Drilling Wells

Drilling 3000 Water wells in St. Michel and the surround Area so that People can have Clean and Quality Drinking Water.

Academy of Hope 2009
Building a State of Art Children Academy Facility to host 300 Girls and Boys and Volunteer, Have an Hospital, Library, School and Housing.

Food for the Hungry

Child Adoption