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Voice Over IP

We provide

the highest quality network and radio frequency engineering services possible to wireless communications service providers. PP91 Enterprises Inc.’s principals, managers, and engineers make the commitment to take ownership of a project and ensure the wireless provider meets its goals in a timely and economical manner. PP91 Enterprises Inc's personnel draw on their own experiences of building and operating wireless networks to ensure the project's success.

Our staff of Telecommunications professionals has extensive experience in radio and network engineering, project management, equipment provisioning and deployment, strategic planning, and business and financial modeling. By combining this experience with hands-on, direct personal involvement, PP91 Enterprises Inc. will exceed your Telecommunications expectations.

We prefer to concentrate on the individual goals and needs of the wireless provider by utilizing the highest quality people available. There may be instances where a service provider has a project that involves more resources than PP91 Enterprises ink has available, In this case, we will acknowledge this situation to the wireless provider, and re-iterate that its own goal is to provide the highest quality engineering services, and not just "throw bodies" into a project.

Voice Over IP

At PP91 We understands what cost-cutting means to businesses. PP91 loves to tackle the challenge of offering a business calling plans at a throwaway price, without subsidizing on quality. PP91 VoIP can handle the most advanced business phone system with breeze and ease. PP91 also offers hosted PBX service eliminating the need and effort to manage the phone equipment at your business location.

Servicing your Phone Services Needs

The PP91-HOSTED VOIP Services Include:

Service Features

RF Engineering

Since PP91 Enterprises was Created it has been our goal to deliver to our client’s quality network engineering services tailored to their particular needs. We pride ourselves on delivering the most reliable, innovative and cost effective network solutions. Our network design team works with our clients from project inception to completion.

RF Engineering is key to the deployment and ongoing growth of a wireless network. PP91 Enterprises Inc currently utilizes the Wizard propagation tool developed by Optimal to analyze and optimize your network. Propagation studies are typically completed using 100 meter terrain data; 30 meter data is available upon request. Technologies analyzed include GSM, CDMA, AMPS/TDMA, and WIMAX (including 700 mhz).

Today's wireless providers require access to expertise and knowledge in many different arenas. PP91 Enterprises Inc is capable of being the wireless providers exclusive engineering source. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Search Area Design
  • Candidate Evaluation
  • Final RF Design
  • Frequency Planning
  • Traffic Studies
  • FCC Maps and Exhibits
  • Quiet Zone Coordination
  • Microwave Planning
  • Growth Planning
  • Edge Migration
  • Existing Coverage / Contour Plots *Now Available for Display on Google Earth
  • Extension Agreements
  • Zoning Testimony
    - Network Design, Planning, and Implementation
    - Request for Proposal (RFP) Design
    - SS7 Design, Planning, and Implementation Services
  • ISUP
  • IS-41
  • STP Design, Planning, and Implementation Services
  • Traffic Planning
  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) Evaluation and Design
  • Point of Interconnect (POI) Location Analysis
  • PSTN Tariffs, Long Distance Carriers Negotiations
  • Tandem and Central Office Location Designations
  • Interconnection Rate Analysis
  • Traffic Engineering, Grade of Service, Switch Growth
  • Network Operations Center (NOC) Design and Implementation
  • Translation Design and Dial Plan Development
  • Local Number Portability
  • E-911 Phase I & II
  • Client Training
  • Project Management
  • Project Schedule Development
  • Progress Reports
  • Project Reports
  • RF Propagation Studies
  • Site Planning and Search Ring Development
  • Pre RF Verification Tests
  • FAA/Airspace Review / FAA Filings / FCC Tower Registration / AM Tower Studies
  • Site Audits/Filings
  • FCC Compliance Audits
  • Traffic Capacity Planning
  • Frequency Planning
  • Inter and Intra System Handoff Analysis and Design
  • Microwave Path Design, Planning, and Implementation

Project Management

PP91 Enterprises Inc provides project management consulting services and support for managing your simple or complex projects, with a full spectrum of project management services to help your organization succeed. We have significant experiences managing and completing projects on-schedule and within budget. We will guide your mission-critical project to success using best project management practices.

Our Project Management Team is dedicated to ensuring every project is delivered within our customer’s defined timelines. PP91 Enterprises Inc stays in constant contact with our workforce and customers throughout the installation process to insure every project stays on track from Start through completion.

Project Management

PP91 Enterprises Inc has the experience necessary to keep your project on track and within budget. For several years, we have assisted clients by managing major system deployments including tower construction, GSM deployments, major microwave redesigns, Edge deployment, switch construction and expansion, power systems, and Greenfield plans. We have assembled budgets, selected equipment, reviewed quotes, coordinated utilities, maintained trackers, and coordinated schedules of the various disciplines involved including A&E, heating, plumbing, electrical, foundation, steel erectors and civil. Ensure success by having an experienced engineer dedicated to your project.

National Rollouts
Whether your project includes one location or hundreds, our project managers utilize our proven process to successfully manage your project from start to finish. Our National Operations Center is located in Jacksonville, Florida. We will help design, install and maintain your project for you on time and within budget. Our knowledgeable staff has experience in meeting the needs of clients who require large scale rollouts with aggressive timeframes while adhering to a defined budget and customer specifications.

Project Management

Outside Plant
PP91 Enterprises Inc. provides complete design, implementation, and installation and documentation services for outside plant facilities, campus and inter-building projects.

Auto CAD
PP91 Enterprises Inc. offers AutoCAD services for cable infrastructure, security and datacenter design project needs. All drawings are precision drafted by hand to create dimensionally accurate, layered, and ready-to-use electronic CAD files.

Project Plan Review and Analysis
PP91 Enterprises Inc. will review your project plan, charter, scope statement, and the schedule for your project. Based on the findings, We will make recommendations for improvements in project direction, focus, and use of resources.

Project Alignment and Resources
PP91 Enterprises Inc will align projects and resources to meet strategic objectives focuses on increased customer satisfaction, decreased time to market, strategically aligned projects and project leadership and team performance.

Project execution
PP91 Enterprises Inc. will kick-off your project and oversee it through completion. We will manage vendor interfaces, oversee on-site teams of employees and contractors, and regularly report progress to senior management.

Project recovery
We will meet with upper management to assess the project. Based on the information, we will report on current project status, prioritize project steps, spell out resources required to complete the project, establish cost and schedule controls.

Project risk management
PP91 Enterprises Inc will anticipate project risks to avoid runaway projects. PP91 Enterprises Inc will meet with the project team and conduct an objective review of project activities focusing on process and product We will anticipate project risks to avoid runaway projects. We’ll meet with the project team and conduct an objective review of project activities focusing on process and product quality. We will identify the appropriate support in order to implement corrective action early and re-baseline challenged projects bringing the project back into compliance with strategic imperatives.

Project Risk Management

Meet the Needs

Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund
100% of funds raised goes to the relief operation!

Schooling Project
Schooling for about 150 Children in St. Michel De L'attalaye, Spent about $8000.00 Dollars to pay for private school for all 35 Children, Provide them School Supplies, uniform and extra money to parent to provide them at least a meal in the morning before School and continuous sending money to Haiti for day to day expenses, we have 5 Volunteers Providing Help to the children. Thanks to our many generous partners who sponsor children.

Christmas Gift 2007
Provide Christmas Gifts to about 35 Children and $600.00 Dollars Gift to each children.

Cover up Clothes Project 2009
Currently Collecting Clothes and Shoes From Friend and Family to send to Haiti to distribute to Children in need of Clothes and Shoes.

Future Projects:

Project Drilling Wells

Drilling 3000 Water wells in St. Michel and the surround Area so that People can have Clean and Quality Drinking Water.

Academy of Hope 2009
Building a State of Art Children Academy Facility to host 300 Girls and Boys and Volunteer, Have an Hospital, Library, School and Housing.

Food for the Hungry

Child Adoption


Document Management

Many companies have an IT staff that can provide “front-line” support for all network problems. When this is not the case or if there are other more essential tasks that the IT staff performs, PP91 Enterprises Inc. provides a support “back-stop” that can handle all of your remote troubleshooting and problem management or simply augment the staff that is in place today.

Information Transport Systems

PP91 Enterprises Inc specializes in the project design and installation of systems and infrastructures that transport information. This includes pathways, spaces, associated hardware, structured cabling and optical fiber systems within commercial buildings. We combine our expertise with manufacturer certified solutions to meet your requirements.

System Design and Documentation

PP91 Enterprises Inc provides complete design services and turnkey transport systems solutions for your environment. We are committed to 100% client satisfaction and strive to implement comprehensive, integrated solutions, while continually seeking new and innovative ways to improve the capabilities and quality of our services.

Partners and Membership

PP91 Enterprises Inc is proud to be partners and member of the following organization:

Green Technology

PP91 ENTERPRISES INC System Energy auditing and reporting

An audit of your IT infrastructure will let you know your energy usage and any inefficient use of any energy by your computer systems. A full audit will also give you an overview of staff behavior and how efficiently their computers are being used. This can help you to get to know whether you are getting the most from your systems and whether staffs are managing the power settings of their computers in an energy efficient manner.


The objectives of Green IT are to minimize energy use, reduce CO2 emission, better manage electronic waste and ultimately to reduce costs by using Greener Computing practices into your current plans and strategies will ensure that the greener changes you make have maximum positive impact on your existing services and processes. You will also be able to maximize on cost and energy savings and see the true potential of Greener Computing.